New User Interface Design and improved Gamification Concepts

We have equipped our incluMOVE learning and workstation with a new user interface. The new interface integrates the virtual assistant Gregor and new gamification elements such as badges into a standardized design.  

In our new video we are demonstrating how the user interface operates combination with the workbench. It provides an insight into how Gregor communicates with users using the chat interface and offers assistance in the mounting of a circuit board.

incluMOVE UI – Demonstration of the new prototype


The timeline (see figure 1, left) assists users in maintaining an accurate view of their work progress.
It visualizes the number of individual work steps required to assemble a circuit board as well as provides information about the time required for each individual step.

When the bar changes to green, the user is right on schedule. If the user is working too slow, the rectangle slowly changes to yellow. The assembly times per work step can be adjusted individually according to the personal performance level of each user.
The adjustment can be done automatically by incluMOVE itself or manually by the supervisor using the editor.

The number of assembled circuit boards is presented in the coat of arms in the upper left corner. When a new circuit board has been assembled, the user is rewarded with a short animation and counting up of the number in the coat of arms.

User Interface
Figure 1 Interface Design


While working, the users collect badges (see figure 3) of three different categories:

  • Number of assembled circuit boards (effectiveness)
  • Time in which a circuit board was mounted (efficiency)
  • Number of assembled circuit boards, that have been assembled within the given time (quality over a longer period of time)

Each of these categories is again sectioned into three levels:

1st level: good work (as expected)
2nd stage: very good work (better than expected)
3rd level: excellent work (much better than expected)

IncluMOVE’s gamification focuses on a positive reward system. Everyone is able to earn badges. The more badges the user gathers and the higher the level of each badge is, the more elaborate and bigger the reward (in form of an animation) will be at the end of each working day.

Abbildung 2 Gamification Abzeichen
Figure 2 Gamification Badge


At the end of a working day the gathered badges are presented in a grand finale. The total number and levels of each badge of the day are displayed in an animation (see figure 3, right). Users will be able to choose between balloons, stars or fireworks.

The collected badges as well as the last animation are stored on a personal flash drive. When the system is restarted the next day, the last reward animation is played again to motivate for the coming working day.

Figure 3 Interface Design – completed working day

The design of the user interface, the gamification as well as the development of the application is the responsibility of the project partner Affective & Cognitive Institute of the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg.

The article introduces a first version of the incluMOVE user interface. In following user studies and surveys at Femos gGmbH the design will be further developed and adapted.

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