Safety at work – Explanatory video

(Note: The video is in german due its use case)

Within the educational framework of the “Qualifizierungsbausteins zum Elektroniker für Geräte und Systeme (qualification module for electronic technicians for devices and systems), we are developing training materials in a barrier-free digital format in the incluMOVE project. This includes especially teaching and learning videos for people with cognitive impairment. We want to promote visual and auditory components in addition to classical didactic methods. Thus we provide the participants a varied and diverse ways to learn. All videos contain the following sequence:

  1. Introduction: easing into the topic and the learning objectives
  2. Main part: core statements and scenes in which the topic is mainly communicated
  3. Conclusion: concise summary of the topic

All instruction and learning videos are formulated in easy-to-understand language, voiced by a narrator and prepared with clear pictures and videos. Our virtual assistant Gregor Gouda accompanies through the video. Thus we link learning enviroment and work place as well as teaching and learning contents. Additionally these videos are coherent with each other and create a varied but consistent learning opportunity in the field of electronic assembly.

We hope to be able to support the participants in their qualification and further education in the best possible way. We would be happy if the video is also used by many other interested parties.
Have fun watching the video.

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