A qualification to access the first labour market


(Photo: Femos, Steffen Müller)

In Germany currently more than 300 000 people with reduced or impaired performance are working in sheltered employment. Those jobs are extremely important for the concerned people. They get a task and the possibility to make their own contribution to society.

Not only because of economic reasons, but also for the disabled people themselves, the inclusion into the first labour market would be a great achievement. They would be able to earn their own money and would be fully integrated into society. The project incluMOVE will lay the foundation of their inclusion into the first labour market.



(Photo: Femos, Steffen Müller)

The educational and research project incluMOVE creates a context-aware and interactive learning and working environment which offers help and explanations by using projections and promotes fun at work. Additionally, this innovative and barrier-free workstation functions as a supra-regional qualification which certifies the acquisition of five basic skills: mounting/joining, grasping/positioning, measuring/inspecting, adjusting and support functions.

This qualification should encourage employers as well as the disabled people themselves. The employers can offer jobs in their companies relying on the qualification, whereas the disabled people can start working with self-confidence in their own abilities and skills.


Innovations and Technology

To provide a perfect learning and working environment projections will be used for supporting the disabled people. For example a projected video can offer a detailed explanation of an assembly task with the possibility of being paused by the user, or it is possible to highlight a specific part of a workpiece where the next part should be placed. Another option would be an auditory feedback. The next supportive part will be a haptic device which guides the hand of the user to address motor learning. But not only a perfect and individualized workstation should be offered by incluMOVE, also the fun at work should be promoted. By integrating playful elements, such as points, progress bars or a competitive game mode the game character is afforded. The different game elements can be adjusted individually, to avoid unnecessary pressure and support joy and fun.




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