incluMOVE at MUC 2020

Amongst virtual reality applications and experimental installations, the incluMOVE prototype was accepted as a demo paper for the German HCI conference Mensch und Computer 2020. In a YouTube livestream the project partner of Offenburg University presented its contribution with the incluMOVE demonstrator representing the ACI.

Every year, designers, developers and scientists from the fields of usability and user experience come together at Mensch und Computer. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference did not take place in Magdeburg but virtually. In Zoom rooms and YouTube streams, workshops were held for four days and new scientific findings and work were presented.

The colleagues of Offenburg University introduced their demo paper “A gamified and adaptive learning system for neurodivergent workers in electronic assembling tasks”. Accompanying this paper, a short video gives an overview of the components of our gamification system. In addition, a live demo was also presented in the MUC 2020 YouTube stream.

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We would like to thank MUC 2020 for the well-organized event and the informative talks and workshops.

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