The inclusion and research project incluMOVE has ended in March 2021. On this page we present the results of our project:

Open Source Release – Prototyp

The code of the incluMOVE prototype is available in two variants.

incluMOVE prototype - project results

IncluMOVE Light is a didactic and gamified assistance system. It is available for free use in inclusion companies, workshops and research projects. All that is needed is a computer, a work table and a beamer.

IncluMOVE Extended describes the project’s research approach of integrating additional hardware components such as a placement aid into the assistance system. In addition to the Light Version, this package contains the necessary interfaces for communication with the hardware. We recommend the Extended Version for further development of the research approach.

The download of both options and a documentary can be found at the incluMOVE github repository.

Virtual Assistant Gregor Gouda – Design and Animations

The virtual assistant Gregor Gouda can be used under the CC-BY-SA license for educational projects. His animations and character design are available for download on the Github repository.

Gregor Gouda explaining - project results

Instructional Videos

As part of the incluMOVE project, Femos gGmbH created numerous instructional videos for the qualification module. Some can also be found on their Vimeo account or can be made available on request.

Scientific Publications

Grund, J., Umfahrer, M., Buchweitz, L., Gay, J., Theil, A., and Korn, O. 2020. A gamified and adaptive learning system for neurodivergent workers in electronic assembling tasks. In Proceedings of the Conference on Mensch und Computer (MuC ’20). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 491–494.

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