incluMOVE – Final event and certificate

The incluMOVE project has shown: through playful elements and technical innovations and team spirit, performance-disabled people are trained step by step in new assembly processes and gain a supraregional qualification that can open up access to the general labor market for them!

Final event and certificate
incluMOVE final certificate

A total of 12 people with disabilities, especially with intellectual disabilities, were participants and “testers” at the same time. They contributed to the project in very different ways: They acted as study participants, as developers for the learning and work table and the qualification module, or also as “evaluators” for technical innovations such as a haptic hand guide for assembly. Of the total of 12 people with disabilities, 5 were motivated and committed to participating in the work of the incluMOVE project on a permanent basis over a period of one year. Thanks to their cooperation, it was possible to develop the qualification module especially for people with mental disabilities in the field of basic electronics. The trial and exemplary learning and testing phase of the qualification led at the end to the issuance of a certificate, for the participation of a successful first run. Likewise, the work of the 5 young gentlemen helped an iterative progress of the entire learning and workstation, which includes applications such as the recognition of the components by an appropriate sensor technology such as communication via a chatbot.

The incluMOVE team thanks participants who proudly received their certificate. In a likewise concluding project closing event, the entire project consortium met – as in the previous year – in digital round.

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