Open Access Release: The Virtual Assistant Gregor Gouda

Our virtual assistant known as Gregor Gouda is now available for public access. It can now be used in other research projects and non-profit institutions.

Lehrvideo von Femos gGmbH
Gregor in a tutorial videos of Femos gGmbH

The mouse developed within the project incluMOVE was designed by Jonas Grund and is employed as a virtual assistant in learning and work environments. As part of our gamification concept, Gregor interacts with the users in the learning and work environment and provides them with assistance in the mounting of a circuit board. In addition, Gregor Gouda also acts as a friendly educational companion within the teaching and learning videos of Femos gGmbH, explaining various contents such as relevant information on work safety or the introduction to the topic of electricity.

Cheering Animation of Gregor Gouda

Gregor Gouda is very popular with our target group and will hopefully now motivate and support other charitable projects. He is available through Free Culture License CC-BY-SA.

The download of our virtual assistant Gregor Gouda can be found on Github. It contains the animations and designs of Gregor.

In the future we will provide further graphics and content of the Affective & Cognitive Institute, especially from the developments of incluMOVE, of the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg to the public.

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