Milestone success: Accreditation of qualification module by IHK

It’s time.

The incluMOVE project has reached one of its main goals. The qualification module electronics technician for devices and systems [BH1] for people with disabilities has been accredited.

The module contains a minimum length of knowledge transmission of 146 hours / lessons.
Classical contents like security and health protection, component studies or ESD protection form the basis. More specific topics like circuit diagrams and symbols, measurement and testing as well as electrical equipment security are based on the fundamental knowledge and complete the expertise.
On top of that, digitalisation started to become a part of the lessons – due to the new edition of the occupational profile of electronics technicians for devices and systems, stated in the edition from June 7th 2018.

The contents of the qualification module will be taught in class lectures [BH2] through tablets and PCs. The practical approach is aiming for exercises and working on the incluMOVE table which is currently being built as well as on electrotechnical toolkits, with instructional videos and test materials. Autonomous and mentored studying are made available through digital, playful and practical components optimised[BH3]  for people with disabilities.

The qualification module was developed within the project incluMOVE by 15 participants (people with disabilities), an educational attendant and a master electrician.

The handed in qualification module for electronics technicians for devices and systems was accredited by the IHK Stuttgart, District[BH4]  Chamber of Böblingen, on May 5th 2020.
Well timed, as the qualification module’s development goal was also the didactic and educational mediation under the use of digitalized components.

We’re looking forward to the realization with new participants in order to teach them electronics and the joy of learning.

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