incluMOVE-lecture on “Werkstätten:Messe” 2018

The “Werkstätten:Messe” – trade fair for vocational rehabilitation & exhibition for workplaces for disabled persons is considered Germany’s most visited social and educational trade fair, presenting trends and developments for persons with disabilities. New offers, products and services for disabled persons are presented to showcase how partners from education, industry and economy can work together to create processes in education and vocation that facilitate inclusion.

The project venture incluMOVE introduced itself in a specialist lecture. Primary focus was the project’s objective to then start a conversation with interested parties from industry, economy, workplaces for persons with disabilities and other sectors. A particular highlight was information exchange with other workplaces for disabled persons that are also developing and applying qualification modules or aspire to do so in the future. The exchange on further development of educational and vocational processes for persons with disabilities was perceived both successful as well as worthwhile in regards to the project venture. We look forward to participating at the next “Werkstätten:Messe” in 2019.

Maren Plehn, Femos gGmbH

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