Visit of the status conference “eQualification 2019”

Visit of the status conference “eQualification 2019”

Last Monday and Tuesday (February, 25th and 26th) the status conference eQualification 2019 took place in Bonn. This is already the second year in which we, as a project consortium, visit the status conference. However, this year for the first time we actively participated: We presented incluMOVE in a presentation and at the project exhibition!

Figure 1: Presentation of Prof. Dr. Sascha Friesike in the plenary hall at the World Conference Center, Bonn

The conference is the ideal platform for an in-depth exchange of experiences and information on all BMBF-funded projects of the research programme “Digital Media in Vocational Education and Training“. Over two days, the projects of all funding announcements of the programme presented themselves in a 90-minute workshop and a project exhibition (agenda).

Figure 2: Presentation of our project inlcuMOVE

In a 90-minute presentation we presented the needs of our project, our project consortium, other partners as well as our project goals. We also highlighted the importance of a qualification module and gave a comprehensive insight into last year’s project work. Via built-in live polls, we integrated an interactive character into our presentation. Questions, which were answered correctly by the participants, were rewarded with small treats. So, each participant could experience the effect of Gamification first-hand. Through motivation, good mood and fun, everyone was attentive and interested during our slow-motion project.

Figure 3: Project exhibition of incluMOVE.

This year’s theme of the project exhibition was “Touring Germany – Your Project in a Suitcase”. Each project should introduce itself. The only requirement was that all objects had to fit together in a suitcase. In order to be able to present incluMOVE comprehensively, we “packed” several objects:

The virtual assistant of the augmented learning and working environment. The round mouse is the new face of incluMOVE and will offer assistance and serve as the interface between user and system.

A prototype of the hand guidance
A 3D model that illustrates the functionality of the hand guidance. The exact position of the motion of the hand is identified on a touch screen and displayed through a reticle.

An assembled printed circuit board
It demonstrates the application range of electrical engineering, shows how intricate assembly work can be and emphasizes the importance of motion support.

An explanatory video on incluMOVE and a slide show of photographs
On two tablets, impressions of previous project days were displayed and a video about the goals and background of incluMOVE was presented.

Like last year, eQualification 2019 was a highly informative and valuable experience for our project incluMOVE. We were able to learn about new projects from other funding announcements, followed with great interest the progress of projects already familiar to us and were inspired by new ideas and approaches. Of course, the progress of the other projects from the “Inclusion” funding announcement was of particular interest to us. Jointly we were able to exchange experiences and discuss problems.

The following members of our project consortium were represented (see Figure 3):

Ms Lea Buchweitz (University of Applied Sciences Offenburg)
Ms Maren Plehn (Femos gGmbH)
Mr Dirk Schlenker (Fraunhofer IPA)
Mr Wilhelm Kohlberger (Femos gGmbH)

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